Natural Earth Paint

Vegan and Eco-Friendly Artist Gesso Kit

$ 32.95
Eco-Friendly Artist Gesso is available at Natural Art Supplies

We’re very excited to introduce the world’s first eco-friendly and vegan gesso for artists. Our naturally non-toxic, gesso is a professional, archival-quality kit that is perfect for earth and health-conscious artists. 

Made with French marble dust, limestone powder, titanium dioxide pigment, and plant-based binders, this gesso is superb quality, 100% non-toxic and vegan.

The full kit makes 50 fl. oz. of gesso, which is enough to prime about 10-15 medium-sized canvases.


Also available - an extra packet of Methyl Cellulose (Plant-based glue) - when mixed with water makes 1-quart jar (32 oz.) of glue. Perfect for priming raw wood if you'd like the wood grain to remain visible. 


A Brief History Of Artists' Primer

Made in the USA

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