Earth Oil Paint, Individual Packets

$ 6.50

From $6.50 to $ 13.95

Radiant Natural Earth pigments in individual 3 oz. packets. Each packet makes the equivalent of one medium-sized tube of professional oil paint when mixed with walnut or linseed oil.

New! "Mayan Red" and "Mayan Turquoise" now available!


Learn about Natural Pigments here... About Natural Pigments

Find many Natural Paint Recipes using these pigments mixed with a variety of different binders to create many different types of paint.

The colors not included in the Earth Oil Paint Kit are Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Brilliant Yellow, Ultramarine Purple, Violet Ocher, Black Ocher, Titanium White Rutile, and Raw Umber.

The packaging is 100% Post Consumer Recycled and biodegradable. Made in the USA

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