Pinerite® Heavy Duty Hand Soap with Borax

The Pinerite® Family of products offers you exceptional quality at a use-every-day price.   Each one contains our exclusive pine tree powder.  Our powder and bar soaps include borax, a natural mineral.  This combination cleans far better than the big brand names but leaves your skin feeling soft.  There are no harsh chemicals left on you or in the environment. 

Andre Roy – Founder

Andre Roy’s experience as a hands-on business owner and innovator provided him with a solid foundation to explore new concepts in forestry while defining a structure to make them financially viable .  Starting with computer programming, he later moved into owning several plastics businesses. He innovated with fabrication and resources thereby both utilizing and satisfying his creativity.  After selling the plastics business he turned his analytical streak to his Colorado forest property.

Andre understood that finding value in the ‘waste’ left after tree trimming for land health management and fire mitigation could allow the work to be self-sustaining.  After experimenting and research,  Andre invented and patented a machine that turns the slash; formerly considered the waste of the tree ( the needles and branches) into a fine powder with extraordinary qualities.  It is the cleaning power within Pinerite® Soap.

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