About Us

Natural Art Supplies was inspired by my late older brother Nik who was a visual artist and a pioneer in the organic health food industry. One of Nik's many creations was coining the term "Trail Mix" and launching the first commercial trail mix product through Erewhon Trading Company in Boston Massachusetts. Nik also worked closely with Italian-American sculptor Beniamino Bufano, who was best known for his large-scale monuments representing peace. Together, Nik and Benny created beautiful artwork until Benny passed away in 1970. Nik had a passion for art and for a healthy, organic, natural way of life.

At naturalartsupplies.com, we conduct business a little bit differently, we go out of our way to source art products and curate a collection that does as little harm as possible to people, communities, and the environment. All of the products we represent are natural, organic, green, fair trade, eco-friendly, or carry a social mission. Each product carries a story, of the artisan who lovingly created it, where the materials originated, or the centuries-old methods used to produce it. We invite you to browse naturalartsupplies.com and learn more about the story behind each product we carry.




"I am so glad you are here. It helps me to realize how beautiful my world is" Rainer Maria Rilke ~

We support the Rain Forest Foundation and the Narada Michael Walden Foundation to empower children through the arts