How to Prime Your Canvas with a Natural, Non-Toxic Eco Gesso Kit

Love painting on canvas, but hate toxic conventional primers? Make your painting practice even greener with our non-toxic Eco Gesso Kit! Follow this simple tutorial for step-by-step instructions on priming your canvas the natural way.

How to Create Handmade Watercolors

Source: Handmade watercolors and other natural art supplies by Caro Aravalo

How to Create Your Own Art Supplies With Only 2 Ingredients!

Want to learn how to make your own art supplies? Check out this article from Natural Earth Paint written by Victoria Leen.

Growing arts and crafts market isn't just for kids

This Mother's Day, Nicole Hoffman is going handmade. Hoffman, 32, of Chicago, mulled a rainbow of acrylic paints at arts and crafts retailer Michaels' South Loop store, picking out materials for a painting made with canine paw prints, instead of a brush, that she plans to make for her boyfriend's mom while dog-sitting for the family this weekend. She considers herself a dabbler in the crafting world but recently gave glass blowing a try and got inspired. "It's fun to create something from nothing," Hoffman said. Arts and crafts — no longer just for summer camp — have been growing...

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