Organic Roasted Brazil Nuts
Organic Roasted Brazil Nuts

Organic Roasted Brazil Nuts

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Share the delicious roasted taste of the Amazon with sustainably-harvested Brazil nuts that promote rainforest conservation. The amazing Brazil nut tree produces fruit/pods that each contain approximately 12-24 nuts. Our Brazil nuts are handpicked and oven dried for a healthy snack that's 100% organic and rich in protein, selenium, magnesium and thiamine. 

  • Each bag contains 8 oz. Brazil nuts
  • USDA certified Organic
  • Brazil nut chocolates and oils also available

We are at a time in the history of this world where global warming is destroying the planet, and the need to preserve the rainforest is of extreme importance.

The Brazil Nut tree only produces fruit in undisturbed forests. In addition to being high in selenium which benefits health, Organic, and Fair Trade; these nuts are helping to preserve the Amazon Rainforest.

As you eat these healthy nuts know that you are not only in harmony with protecting our environment and the world in which we live, but helping economically disadvantaged workers support themselves and their families through the principles of Fair and Compassionate Trade.

Harvested in Peru and Fair Trade imported.

Candela Peru_brazil_nut_treeThe tremendous Brazil nut tree can have a trunk that can be grow to be 8 feet in diameter and can live up to 500 years. The tree has branches and leaves only at the top third of the tree, and its branches can span up to 100 feet. The waxy leaves produce a yellow orchid. This flower, when pollinated by either bees or bats, produces the fruit that contains the brazil nuts.

In South America, brazil nuts grow during the 4-month dry season that differs from region to region. The brazil nut is a hard-shelled fruit, similar to a coconut, and takes about 14 months to mature. The fruit is about 4-6 inches in diameter and can weigh up to four pounds. The shell of the fruit is about a quarter of an inch thick and contain between 12-24 nuts.

Brazil nuts are primarily harvested from wild trees during the six-month period of the rainy season. Because the brazil nut trees are so tall, harvesting the fruits consists of gathering the fruit after they fall. Once the fruit falls, it has to be gathered quickly so they are not susceptible to fungus and animals that can carry them away.

For more information on how Brazil Nuts are saving the Rainforest, see this fun video Super Nut.

Candela Peru Artisan Story

Madre de Dios, a mountainous area of pristine forests, is one of the poorest regions of Peru. The most lucrative industry here is the collection and processing of the Amazon (Brazil) nut into oils, candy and candles for export. Unfortunately, few producers are informed or rewarded for extracting the oil in a sustainable manner meaning the region's rates of rainforest destruction are almost as high as its poverty. 

Candela Peru is an alternative biotrade organization which began acting as a fair trade business in the brazil nut industry in 1989 in order to improve circumstances for this region of Peru.

Candela Peru, an acronym for "Comercio Alternativo de Productos No Tradicionales y Desarrollo para Latino América" (in English: Alternative Trade of Non Traditional Products and Development for Latin America), works with 266 Peruvian farmers in this part of the Amazon rainforest to harvest the Brazil nut in a socially and environmentally-responsible manner.

Candela artisan

Besides creating steady work for rural families, the company helps small producers streamline their production chains for increased capacity and helps them to implement social and environmental projects in their area. In this way, Candela Peru helps improve farmers way of living and promotes forest conservation in a biologically diverse region.

Candela Peru developed an Organic Certification program in 2001 to include Peruvian Brazil nuts in the growing organic market, and works with local producers to obtain their organic certification. The company also hosts classes in forest management to educate farmers on how sustainable forestry practices can offer financial reward.

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